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Enterprise Networking

The network has become the backbone that businesses rely on in today’s fast paced business climate. The network is becoming more complex; services such as wireless, telephony and security have been integrated into the network. Technology trends such as convergence, virtualization and data center consolidation have also placed new demands on the network. The average company network has not been able to keep pace these trends. Many networks in production today were designed more than ten years ago or were patched together as parts of acquisitions or mergers.

The result is many networks are not designed based on industry best practices for availability and performance. Most are not ready to support real-time applications such as IP Telephony, Video and other business applications. They also require higher than average operational costs because they are difficult to troubleshoot, maintain and operate because of outdated design, hardware and software platforms.

We understand customers want proven networking solutions that are scalable, reliable, and secure, and that can be customized to their specific requirements. Our core network solutions meet the challenges of today’s business environment by providing customizable, robust products and services designed specifically to build a solid network foundation.

By combining years of experience with advanced technology solutions, we build reliable industry standard networks, increasing network performance and ensuring security while simplifying a customer’s infrastructure.

Wireless networks are no longer the realm of the privileged few. Technology trends show  increases in the number of companies that depend on wireless networks for mission critical applications. Flair Data recognizes the importance of a stable and secure wireless network and has years of experience designing, implementing and maintaining wireless networks for all types of needs.

Whether wireless is used for data, voice, location tracking, or all of the above, Flair Data can be your partner in developing a comprehensive, fully secured wireless network.

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